Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday Post has comics articles

I think the Post picked a censored cartoon - Betty Boop showing her breasts as she shows Popeye how to hula - to illustrate this article - "Hey, Sailor! 'Popeye' Is Back in Port: DVD Release of Classic 1930s Cartoons Spotlights an Animation Studio That Packed a Punch", By Matt Hurwitz, Special to The Washington Post, Sunday, July 29, 2007; N02.

and there's a sidebar on the voices - "Utter Genius: Voices That Call Out Still", Washington Post, Sunday, July 29, 2007; Page N02.

and, of all things, an appreciation of Isis, the superheroine that started on TV and migrated to a DC comic book: "Fly Like an Egyptian (Goddess): Superheroine From Mid-'70s TV Gets an Afterlife on DVD," by Jonathan Padget, Washington Post Staff Writer, Sunday, July 29, 2007; N03.

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Matt D. said...

This is awesome! I loved "Isis" growing up! It's great timing--I was chatting with local cartoonist Jerry Carr last week about live-action '70s kid shows and we chatting about "Isis" (well, mainly how much we loved her and "Wonder Woman," aka Linda Carter).

Now, if they will only bring back "Bigfoot and Wildboy!"

BTW, if you like this kinda stuff, check out Good stuff!