Monday, July 02, 2007

Richard's Poor Almanack on the transformation of Dick Cheney UPDATED

My wife, not a comics aficionado, really really liked this Saturday's panel on Dick Cheney's embodiment of the Heisenberg uncertaintity princle - he's not part of the Executive Branch, not part of the Legislative Branch, so what is he? She liked it so much I'm making photocopies so she can hang one up and mail one to her father.

It's not online yet (sigh - does the Post think you're going to run out and buy a 2-day old paper?) but you can see last week's Beach Houses.

Richard Thompson stalkers will be able to find him (and me) at tomorrow night's Cartoonapalooza.

July 4th update - it's online now. At the Cartoonpalooza event, many people were complementing Richard on this strip. Also this week, Doonesbury's been running strips on Cheney and the 4th branch, as did yesterday's Candorville.

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