Saturday, July 28, 2007

Washington City Paper bought out reports NY Times

Dan Mitchell in the Times for July 28, 2007 reports that the City Paper is being bought out - hopefully, Rob Ullman will keep illustrating Savage Love.

Alternative Newspeak The Atlanta-based Creative Loafing chain of alternative newspapers is taking over the company that owns The Chicago Reader and the Washington City Paper weeklies. A statement from the Creative Loafing chief executive, Ben Eason, employs language that seems, well, less than alternative (

“We have built our Creative Loafing brand,” he said, “by offering valuable content to people who influence public opinion and public tastes in culturally vibrant markets. The addition of two top 10 markets — and two of the industry’s most respected alternative news products — offers us a pivotal gateway of connectivity with the young adult audience.”

It seems unlikely that the local power structures in Chicago or Washington, are quaking in fear of an insurgent underground press.

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