Sunday, September 29, 2019

1st 3 SPX panels of 2019 online

SPX 2019 Panel - Hard Thoughts And Visual Metaphors
Published on Sep 28, 2019

Cartoonists whose work differs in tone, style, and subject matter are often united in their visual solutions to the problem of trying to get at difficult thoughts, feelings, and concepts. Scholar and moderator Isaac Cates explores the idea of cartoonists pushing themselves to express uncomfortable and enigmatic ideas with Rikke Villadsen (The Sea), Kevin Huizenga (The River At Night), Eleanor Davis (Why Art?), and Simon Hanselmann (Bad Gateway).

SPX 2019 Panel - Sourcing Biography

Published on Sep 27, 2019

The most difficult task for an artist tasked with drawing a biography of a famous figure is how to reduce an enormous amount of text and information into a relatively small number of images. Making those images interesting beyond simply conveying that information for narrative purposes is even more difficult. Critic Robin Enrico (Broken Frontier) moderates a group of cartoonists who have deftly navigated these problems to create some memorable comics: Typex (Andy: The Life And Times Of Andy Warhol), Beth Barnett (Dreamers Of The Day), and Peter Hoey (Coin-Op Comics).

SPX 2019 Panel - Blurring The Visual Lines In Fantasy Fiction

Published on Sep 27, 2019

Comics is an ideal medium for fantasy because of the wide array of visual and narrative options available. Things get even more interesting when cartoonists mix and mash different genres, or when they use poetic, surreal, or dense visual strategies to tell their stories. Critic Alex Hoffman (Sequential State) discusses the stylistic choices of Yann Kebbi (The Structure Is Rotten, Comrade), Rune Ryberg (Gigant), Ida Rørholm Davidsen (Lonely Journey), Anne Simon (The Empress Cixtisis), and Molly Mendoza (Skip).

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