Thursday, April 06, 2017

Drawing Comics Episodes by Sean Hill

Our interview with Sean Hill ran earlier today, and while researching it, we ran across his Youtube channel where he's posted these process videos about drawing comic books electronically.

Drawing Comics Episode1: Page Process for Zenescopes Evil Heroes issue 4
Sean Hill
Sean Hill
Dec 12, 2016

Zenescope Entertainments DeathForce issue 2 cover process
Sean Hill
Apr 11, 2016

cover process for the cover of Deathforce issue 2,

Zenescope Entertainments DeathForce issue 1 cover process
Sean Hill
Apr 8, 2016

its rare i get to do covers, but this was a great opportunity. this is the cover to Deathforce issue 1 due out May 18th next month. the tools used for this work are Manga Studio 5EX

Zenescope Entertainment Tales of Terror issue 8 The Monkeys Paw process vid
Sean Hill
Apr 9, 2016

Process for Page 1 of Zenescope Entertainments Tales of Terror Issue 8, done in Manga Studio 5EX

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