Friday, March 10, 2017

PR: Meet Quantum Teens are Go creators Magdalene Visaggio & Eryk Donovan at Third Eye Annapolis Tomorrow

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Signing from 11am-1pm

Hey Third Eye Faithful!

We've got a super cool signing coming up for you tomorrow, and would be absolutely honored if you'd come out and join us for the fun!
We're huge fans of BLACK MASK COMICS, and pretty much everything they put out - we usually find ourselves totally loving.
One of our favorite new series of 2016 was the incredible KIM & KIM, and when we saw that KIM & KIM writer Magdalene Visaggio had a brand new series on the way from BLACK MASK with QUANTUM TEENS ARE GO, we wanted to really kick it off big!
So, that's exactly why we're doing a totally rock-n-roll signing event for the debut issue on 3/11/17 with Magdalene and Quantum Teens artist Eryk Donovan (who's wowed us on books like MEMETIC / COGNETIC and CONSTANTINE!)!
Read on, and find out why QUANTUM TEENS ARE GO is one of the new series we're looking forward to the most in 2017, and mark your calendars for 3/11 to come out & get your copies signed!



Mad science meets punk rock in QUANTUM TEENS ARE GO, and we're loving every second of it!
Teenage sweethearts Nat & Sumesh spend their nights breaking into abandoned superlabs to steal the parts they need to build a time machine - and they've just found the most important part.
But mysterious entities keep trying to stop them turning it on.
If the FANTASTIC FOUR were sktae punks, they'd be QUANTUM TEENS ARE GO!
Super fun, super fast high-octane action loaded with in-your-face sci-fi, killer robots, and more!


From the publishers who brought you WE CAN NEVER GO HOME, SPACE RIDERS and 4 KIDS WALK INTO A BANK, KIM AND KIM is the tale of two twentysomething besties out to make a name for themselves in the wild world of interdimensional cowboy law enforcement!
In a massive SCREW YOU to their parents, and the authorities, they decide to hijack some high stakes bounty - and end up in way over their heads.
Kim & Kim is a day-glo action adventure that's crackling with raw comic book fun, and pure unbridled energy and enthusiasm.
Imagine the raw energy and fun of old school TANK GIRL comics with a mixtape soundtrack featuring M.I.A and every Kathleen Hanna band you ever loved!

questionmarkBe One Of The First 20 In Line & Get A FREE Gift Limited To This

We know you guys and gals love lining up early, and having fun waiting to meet your favorite creators, and we like encouraging the totally fun and totally rad community vibe it brings.
So, we've put together a really cool free giveaway for the first 20 of you who line up for our big signing with Magdalene & Eryk!

We can't wait to see you all tomorrow! We're pumped for the excitement you bring to signings like these, and it continues to motivate us to keep bringing out some of the fastest rising stars in comics to Third Eye!

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Third Eye Comics, 2027A WEST ST., Annapolis, MD 21401

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