Sunday, March 26, 2017

Artomatic exhibits with cartoon overtones, part 1

Unsurprisingly, Artomatic, the DC area's unjuried and large artshow, attracts people influenced by or practicing cartooning. I stopped by this weekend for a first look. This post covers floors 6, 8 and 9.

Eric "E$" Dolgas' sign says he's the 'pioneer of abstract cartooning.' (He's not - read Andrei Molotiu about that field).


Emily Villataro had a couple of Batman-derived images. This Joker is definitely based on comic book art.


DC Conspiracy member Michael Auger paints black light florescent animals.


Donna Lewis is expanding beyond her "Reply All" comic strip with Bella & Boo Design Studio.


Sharing a room with Lewis is Dennis Goris, an artist who has done some cartoony work around the theme "She Persisted."


Here's my selfie entitling me to a button though.


Rambo! does caricature based on movies and television.


Sina Ouerghi does anime-influenced drawings of women, both her own and DC characters.


Annie Lunsford is an illustrator, but I think her work has a cartoony feel.


Comic book influences are obvious in this work by David Barr.


Brand Dave's Prints on Wood are gag cartoons at heart.


Clay Harris has a graphic novel for sale, and pages from it on display.


Mitchell MacNaughton's caricatures and political cartoons recall the 1970s as well as today.


D.C. Creepers's Eric Gordon will be featured in an interview later this week. His work is usually based on live sketching of unaware subjects.


Andrew Williams painting series is the religious themed The Goodnews, but he also did a school newspaper comic strip called Mike and Moop. We'll have an interview with him later in the week.


Gordon Thomas Frank's art is influenced by cartoons including DC and Disney, but has satirical and scatalogical overtones. We'll have an interview him this week.


In the same room as Frank is Ralph Baden who is NSFW. His website notes, "I paint humorous, vulgar oil paintings, that some might find in bad taste. The reason why I paint - I want my jokes and opinions to last as long as Rembrandt or Van Gogh."


All my Artomatic photos are here, with more images from each of the artists.

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