Friday, March 17, 2017

Kickstarter project by Anthony Dortch

Anthony Dortch works in Arlington, and self-publishes comic books. We're trying to get our standard interview set up with him, but I didn't want to wait to note his Kickstarter project:

PURE - the feature length movie

We are working on PURE - a project where models get body painted to become the the characters of the graphic novel and film.

We want to make PURE into a live action movie. PURE is an epic tale of engrained racism and the evils of inequality - a project where models get body painted to become the characters of a graphic novel and a feature length movie.

The movie is based on a fumetti style graphic novel named PURE. A story built around the small nation of Seyns. It's governed by 7 feuding Western defined families (Baum, Cassidy, Dolle', Kindris, Rome, Mundi and Slaven); each with unique characteristics (heritage, social norms, cloning, ethical values, traditional customs, religious beliefs, political systems, artifacts and technologies). They don the ornate clothing and jewelry of money, beauty, and corruption. Their golden exterior and sky blue eyes belie any preoccupation with altruism, for the commoners serve as mere stepping-stones to money, power and useless things. 

The Others do not fit in to society due to a substantial shortage of earthly possessions, sex, race or class. The Others cannot camouflage their destitution. They live out side of Seyns and can only enter the nations walls to serve.

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