Friday, November 20, 2015

11/21: Illuminati cartoonists at Third Eye Comics

Hello Third Eye Faithful!

You guys know us: we love to bring you the fastest rising stars in comics, each and every week, and this weekend, we're putting together a signing event with two of our favorite new comic creators to hit the scene in the last few years: Joshua Williamson and Shawn Crystal! 

In support of their brand new, ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT Illuminati series, Josh and Shawn will be signing copies of ILLUMINATI #1 as well as all their other projects this Saturday at Third Eye!

Many of you know Josh from his work on Image hits like NAILBITER and BIRTHRIGHT, and Shawn has wowed you guys with his recent DC work on ARKHAM MANOR, so together, the two are totally kicking butt on the new ILLUMINATI series which spotlights all the big bad guys of the Marvel Universe!

Plus, after some of the crazy big signings we've had the last few weeks, we're actually pretty pumped to present one of our more intimate, and laid back signing events, where you can actually spend some time talking with the creators, and getting to connect with them!

So, come on out this weekend and have some fun with us, Third Eye Faithful!

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