Friday, May 15, 2015

Kickstarter for new Arsia Rozegar project

Local artist Arsia Rozegar, who has done stints on coloring Iron Man and Hulk for Marvel Comics, is launching a Kickstarter to fund a children's book he is developing based on a popular Iranian tale.
Shahnameth for Kids: The Story of Zal and Simorgh will be a full-color children's book illustrated by Mike Amante.  Rozegar says the story is inspired by Ferdowsi's epic poem, "The Shahnameh," and this tale tells the story of Zal, who was born with skin and hair white as snow. Because of his unusual appearance, Zal is abandoned as a newborn by his father at the foot of a mountain, but only to be discovered by the mystical and mythical giant bird known as Simorgh.

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