Monday, November 10, 2014

Akino Kondoh's Nothing Whatsoever All Out in the Open on sale

From Ryan Holmberg:
Nothing whatsoever all out in the open by akino kondoh

Another small manga translation project that I organized, Akino Kondoh's Nothing Whatsoever All Out in the Open, is now available from Retrofit Comics, who are based in Philadelphia, and Big Planet Comics of the Washington, DC area.

Within a week or two, it should also be available for sale at most major comics shops in North America that carry small press publications.

Many of you will know Kondoh's work as an animator and painter, perhaps through solo shows at Mizuma Art Gallery or group shows at Mori Museum, amongst other prominent venues.

The new volume is 50 pages, priced at $6, and is headlined by a touching and elliptical work she recently created while living in New York, where she has been based for many years.

We hope to do more work with Kondoh-san in the future, so please help publicize this volume. I will also point out that it is perfectly sized and priced as a stocking stuffer, so buy a copy for every member of your extended family, as well as for your friends, workmates, and romantic partners. 

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