Friday, November 26, 2010

PR: Fantom Comics Thanksgiving Weekend Sale

Fantom Comics - Where there is a comic book for everyone
Perfect way to spend a holiday weekend?
Eating turkey.
Not working.
Reading comics.
And Fantom Comics is the perfect store to help you out with that. This weekend (including this Friday,) all hardcovers, trade paperbacks and t-shirts are 20% OFF!
That's right! Every single hardcover, trade paperback and tee: 20% OFF!
Our selection is, quite frankly, pretty awesome so please, stop by and check us out. BATMAN! BONE! SPIDER-MAN! THE WALKING DEAD! SUPERMAN/MUHAMMAD ALI! SUPERMAN:EARTH ONE!
All in stock, all on sale.
Yours to be had. So, come on in!
And, as a reminder, due to the Thanksgiving Day holiday, next week's new comics will be in-store Thursday instead of the normal Wednesday.

Union Station - 50 Massachusetts Avenue NE | Washington, DC 20002 | 202-216-9478

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