Thursday, November 04, 2010

Gutterbrawl - a new blog on the comics industry from the small press POV

Matt Rhodes (no relation) (also see my City Paper interview) just shot me the following note about a new blog he's started - was created by Adam Knave and R.M. Rhodes as a place to discuss the state of the comics industry (especially the so-called Indirect Market of independant comics creators). After several weeks of laying out the issues, we've turned the corner and are making the suggestion that we, the Indirect Market, should create a common marketing platform. This week's post makes the case for what form that platform should take, but it will only work if we can get a large number of people talking about it and - ultimately - participating.

We welcome thoughts and opinions about this topic and hope to start the conversation.

Class of '63
Oceanus Procellarum Book Two
the new webcomic
by R. M. Rhodes

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