Thursday, November 04, 2010

Intervention con putting panel videos online

Panel Video: We Are The Intervention
As part of our ongoing effort to place our panel content from the 2010 Intervention event online you can now view the following panel entitled "We Are The Intervention" which was hosted by Harknell and Onezumi, the Co-con chairs for the 2010 event.

Description: Why did Intervention happen? What motivated Harknell and Onezumi to create and get this con going? Come talk to the Co-Con Chairs of Intervention and find out directly from the founders the whats and whys of the con, and where it's going in the future.
Panelists: Harknell, Onezumi

Intervention Panel Video: Duel In The Somme Launch Event
This video is of the Panel "A Duel in the Somme: Official Launch" which happened at Intervention 2010.

A Duel in the Somme is a 24-page standalone comic book co-written by Rob Balder (Erfworld, PartiallyClips) and Ben Bova (six-time Hugo winning SF author and editor), and illustrated by Bill Holbrook (Kevin & Kell, Safe Havens, On the Fastrack). The worldwide debut of the printed book happens here! Rob and Bill will be present to talk about the story behind the project, sign copies and answer questions.

Intervention Panel Video: Cell Shading And Other Advanced Photoshop Techniques
The next Intervention 2010 panel video we have available for view is "Cel Shading And Other Advanced Photoshop Techniques".

Description: Hawk, the artist for the comic Applegeeks, will be demonstrating some of the techniques he uses in Photoshop to create his comic and other digital output. Cel shading and comic composition are two of the major areas covered in this panel.

Panelists: Hawk

Intervention Panel Video: Digital Versus Traditional Art
The following panel occurred at Intervention 2010 and was entitled "Digital Vs. Traditional: The Pros And Cons Of Each"

Description: Some artists love digital. Some artists love pen and ink. Digital art gives you more flexibility, but traditional gives you the ability to sell originals at conventions. Come and listen to a FRIENDLY discussion about the pros and cons of each.

Panelists: Chris Flick, Ben McCormick, Ryan Thompson, Danny Valentini

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