Wednesday, November 03, 2010

PR: Fantom Comics Launches New Website:

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It's Halloween, and Fantom Comics is officially celebrating our 5th anniversary by launching a brand new website:
This is the site that puts comic books at the center of the entertainment universe, and will provide our followers with all of the comic-related things that we at Fantom Comics are excited about ourselves.
The launch of the new site is timed to coincide with Halloween 2010, which brings something that we are very excited about: Tonight's premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC TV. At 10:00 PM tonight we will have the opportunity to experience the first true adaptation of a comic book to a TV series in recent memory - and possibly ever! We've been following this book since it was first published in 2003, and have been selling the monthly issues as well as the trade paperback collections like hotcakes since we opened Fantom Comics in 2005. Subculture for the Cultured is honoring this historic event by featuring 2 new columns dedicated to The Walking Dead. These columns are designed to enhance your appreciation of a series that is sure to be another hit for AMC. Could we see our first Eisner winner become an Emmy winner? Tune in or at least hit the record button on your DVR to find out.
Subculture for the Cultured  also provides an ongoing column for The Comics Journeyman, an imaginary-yet-well-traveled comic book character who will serve as the de facto host of Subculture for the Cultured. Check out The Comics Journeyman's post on the historical significance of tonight's The Walking Dead premiere, as well as a design contest inviting any artistically inclined folks to submit designs for exactly what The Comics Journeyman will look like. For a character who is as colorful as all of the comic books he has read in his life, the dude needs a visual representation....
We hope you like what you find at and return often. To ensure that you don't miss anything, be sure to add each column to your RSS feed by subscribing to posts, or follow each column by using the Google Friend Connect link which can also be used to link in your Twitter account.
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Happy Zombie Watching!
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