Monday, March 01, 2010

Denver Post drops Cul de Sac; local IQ immediately drops

Alan Gardner is reporting that the Denver Post dropped 21 comic strips and added... 1. But hey, Pluggers is going to be in color now, so who cares?

Seriously, they dropped some of the best new strips in favor of this tired old lineup, and then adding insult to injury, had the nerve to headline it "We're serious about your comics and puzzles." Perhaps, but if you're going to assume your readers are that stupid, maybe you should have a subheading "But we're more concerned with lining our pockets than putting out a decent paper." Which they might as well be, actually, because they're not going to be in business once the generation voting for Family Circus and Classic Peanuts kicks off.


zero hour said...

Im obviously LIVID...I told the paper when they called after the Rocky Mtn News folded...I said in about 6 months or so you will be dropping about half yer comics..won't you..
Oh nooooo they said....LOL
YEAH, right....
ha ha ha

Mike Rhode said...

Yeah, I feel for you. The Wash Post has shrunk its comics by SIZE so they're microscopic now - they crammed 3 pages into 2. My wife doesn't bother with them, but my 11-year old daughter (ie the next generation they NEED buying the paper) only reads them if I remember to hand her the relevant pages.

richardcthompson said...

Thanks, you all, I appreciate the sentiments and the response!