Sunday, February 17, 2008

Silver Spring's Adventure House publishes comic strip biography

I ran into the publisher Adventure House at a con last weekend and talked to him for a while. In addition to the stunning Alex Raymond book pictured here, I've been buying his reprints of the Shadow regularly. Both the Shadow and Doc Savage have new material written by pulp historians Anthony Tollin and Will Murray.

Adventure House also has a couple of pulp reprints relating to comic strips - pulp version of Tailspin Tommy #2 from January 1937 and Don Winslow of the Navy #2 from May 1937. I'm a big fan of comics novelizations, even though they're frequently so-so, and was quite please to be able to buy these. I bought this too - Uncovered: The Hidden Art of the Girlie Pulps - on sale for half-price!

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