Saturday, February 02, 2008

SHOC: Ads from Liberty Magazine

A few scans of Liberty Magazine wandered my way lately, so I pulled some comics material out of them. First we have 3 comic strip ads of Ol' Judge Robbins for Prince Albert tobacco. The artist changes, but I can't tell who any of them are.

Liberty Magazine November 11, 1936

Liberty Magazine October 2, 1937

Liberty Magazine June 10, 1939. This issue has an unfortunate editorial about how there will be no war in Europe in 1939. Whoops.

This ad agency obviously thought Ripley had a good idea, so why not borrow it?
Liberty Magazine November 14, 1936

And this ad is the one that made me decide to put these up for the Secret History of Comics - Fontaine Fox's long-running Toonerville Folks / Trolley (1911-1955) advertising laxatives.
Liberty Magazine, Jun 10, 1939

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