Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "Merry Christmas!"

From DC's anarchist cartoonist, Mike Flugennock -

"Merry Christmas"

So, after all the thrashing and banging and cheap theater, the next one-time stimulus check will be a whopping-ass means-tested $600. For all the people who are sick and dying of COVID19, who are about to  lose their jobs and homes, SIX HUNDRED DAMN DOLLARS.

Mind you, they practically broke their goddamn necks to approve a $740bn war budget, but for everybody out here sick, dying, unemployed, homeless...? SIX HUNDRED DAMN DOLLARS.

Luckily, we all have plenty of "understanding" to pay for our rent, groceries, utilities and COVID19 shots.


"Second stimulus check: How much will you get?" Aimee Picchi at CBS 
News, 12.21.2020

"House approves defense spending bill amid Trump veto threats" Daniel 
Uria at UPI, 12.08.2020

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