Sunday, May 05, 2019

Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "#VenezuelaLibre"

From Mike Flugennock, DC's anarchist cartoonist


"Hello, Mom...? It's Juan. Can you come pick me up from coup practice?"
–Juan Guaido, "Interim President" of Venezuela, 04.30.19

I can't pretend I didn't enjoy watching the massive faceplant that was 
"Operation Liberty", the latest attempt to topple Chavismo and install 
Washington darling and fascist enabler Juan "Guido" Guaido in Venezuela.

It was pure comedy gold, watching Guido's handlers in Washington 
stepping on their own cranks trying to spin the events in Caracas this 
past week, and Guido's flunkies seeking refuge in the Brazilian and 
Chilean embassies in order to continue their "provisional" 
shenanagans. It was like watching a coup attempt staged by Mel Brooks.

11x15 inch medium-res color .jpg image, 802kb

"After Venezuela coup failure, officials & mainstream media 
desperately spinning explanations", RT 05.04.19
"Coup fizzles? Guaido's mentor takes refuge in Chilean embassy as 25 
military seek asylum in Brazil's", RT 05.01.19

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