Monday, May 23, 2016

PR: New book from J. Robert Deans



SHAKES THE COW, introduced to readers in the 2015 children's book MOO THOUSAND AND PUN returns to the pages in TEMPLE OF MOO'D this June!


Author J. Robert Deans, who sent Shakes into space in his first children's book, returns to bring children of all ages a new adventure featuring his intrepid bovine. In TEMPLE OF MOO'D, Shakes is on holiday with her best friend, Percie the Penguin, trying to relax after her journey into space. While wandering the jungle, Shakes and Percie come upon ancient ruins which feature some peculiar, yet familiar, markings. As they investigate, Shakes and Percie make a huge discovery.


As with MOO, TEMPLE OF MOO'D features the same goofy story and art from the creator of Crass Fed Comics, and the same easter eggs for grown-ups to find while they read TEMPLE to their own Kidlets.


TEMPLE OF MOO'D is a 46-page hardcover children's book, featuring 38 pages of story, as well as fan art from kids who enjoyed Shakes' first adventure.


TEMPLE OF MOO'D is only available through the Deans Family Productions store until September when it enters wide distribution. Preorders placed now will ship next month, and will be available for pickup at Deans' first major convention appearance of the year, HEROESCON, in Charlotte, June 17-19.


TEMPLE OF MOO'D retails for $22, but is only $20 when purchased from the author. Go to and select Books for sample pages and links to the DFP web store.

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