Thursday, December 12, 2013

My pick of 2013 local comics for the City Paper, with an addendum

Scrawl Minded: The Year's Best Local Comics

by Mike Rhode on Dec. 12, 2013 

This had to be trimmed significantly to appear in print. This lost paragraph in particular I'd like to use the infinite space of the internet to supplement the published version.

 In 2013 some of our best local cartoonists such as Pulitzer Prize winners Ann Telnaes and Matt Wuerker, or the prolific natural historian Matt Dembicki didn't have books out. And a few other books beyond my main list are worth noting. Carla Speed McNeil didn't release another Finder book this year, but did the art for Sara Ryan's Bad Houses ($20) and has a story reprinted in Smoke / Ashes by Alex de Campi ($30). Richard Thompson's publisher put together another Cul de Sac collection, Mighty Alice Goes Round and Round ($10) for young readers. Joe Procopio's Lost Art Books continues to rediscover comics history, and The Lost Art of Matt Baker Vol. 1: The Complete Canteen Kate ($20) is a lovely example of 1940's good girl art. Other local cartoonists self-published comic books and collections, and you can seek these out at conventions such as the Small Press Expo (SPX) and Awesome Con. Full disclosure: I know most of the people in this article.


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