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Meet Justin Jordan (LUTHER STRODE, Green Lantern New Guardians) tomorrow 11AM-1PM

Saturday 12/14/13
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First 25 In Line Receive a FREE mystery gift, limited ONLY to this event, and numbered at 25 Copies!

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Happy Holidays, Third Eye Faithful!

We're super pumped to be doing a very special Third Eye signing event for the brand new IMAGE COMICS series DEAD BODY ROAD from one of our favorite rising stars in the comic industry: JUSTIN JORDAN.

Justin Jordan has wowed you guys with his work on books like STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE & LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE, as well as his work on GREEN LANTERN NEW GUARDIANS and SHADOWMAN.

Now, he's got a brand new series out on ROBERT KIRKMAN'S (the creator of WALKING DEAD) SKYBOUND IMPRINT at IMAGE COMICS.

DEAD BODY ROAD is a bone-crushing, adrenaline-charged revenge story that's one part Quentin Tarantino, one part Frank Castle (aka the Punisher). 

It grabs a hold of you, and doesn't let go, and is one of the most exciting IMAGE books to drop this Winter.

Justin has been to Third Eye before, and after seeing how awesome a crowd we have for our events, plus getting to interact with so many of you, our loyal Third Eye Faithful, he knows we are the go-to spot to launch some of his most kick-ass stuff.

So, if we could ask you, Third Eye Faithful, to help us keep the streak of awesome Justin Jordan signings continuing, and make sure you come out and get your own Strode issues signed, as well as taking a peek at the incredible new DEAD BODY ROAD, it would be mighty awesome. :) 

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What's DEAD BODY ROAD all about? Find out & Snag Your'sthis Saturday!
Image and Skybound, the publishing imprint of WALKING DEAD creator ROBERT KIRKMAN, have put together one heck of an awesome new series with Justin Jordan's incredible new DEAD BODY ROAD. 

What's it all about?

Featuring the incredible art of rising star MATTEO SCALERA and writing by JUSTIN JORDAN, DEAD BODY ROAD is a simple revenge tale... executed so well.


One man's wife is dead, and now, all the men involved in his wife's death must die. All of them.


DEAD BODY ROAD follows the story of one man's revenge and the dark road it leads him down.


The base concept around DEAD BODY ROAD is very reminiscent of a '70s revenge flick: man's family is killed, he swears to enact vengeance, and fro there, we get one hell of a trip.


Imagine the Punisher -- if written by the man who brought you LUTHER STRODE. Sounds awesome? Yeah, we thought so!


The men involved in Gage's wife's death must pay, and if it turns him into a monster himself -- then so be it.


Emotionally and mentally drained, there's no elaborate plan for Gage, just one mission: revenge!


We don't want to give too much away, but folks: this is THE best revenge story we've seen done in comics since Garth Ennis's work on PUNISHER MAX.


There's so many interesting characters who're lurking beneath the surface of the story, and you can just tell that by the time this mini-series concludes, the roles of many characters will have changed drastically.


One part QUENTIN TARANTINO, one part THE PUNISHER, DEAD BODY ROAD lives up to the high expectations that we had for it, and we think you're going to love it.

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Be One Of The First 25 In Line & Receive a Very Special FREE Gift!
We're big on giving you guys a kick-ass experience, as well as something unique to take home with you from the signing, and we've spared no expense at putting together a very cool exclusive item in collaboration with Justin Jordan to give to you totally free! 

Plus, Third Eye Faithful, it's YOUR enthusiasm, and your participation in these events that really keeps us trucking, and bringing more cool stuff to the store. When we first pull up in the morning, and we see you guys hanging out, having fun, and bringing a truly awesome community setting to our store -- we just love it. 

So, our way of saying thanks, and rewarding you guys is by hooking you up with something totally unique and special at the signing.

Make sure you get here early to score your's!

Other Projects by Justin Jordan!
Check them out this Saturday!
STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE & LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE are probably the two books that Justin is most well-known for, and for good reason -- they're modern comics masterpieces; prime examples of everything that makes IMAGE such a unique and innovative comic book publisher.
What's LUTHER STRODE all about? 

We know many of you may have already checked this one out, but for those of you who haven't -- make sure you do this weekend! 

One of our favorite IMAGE titles of the last few years, STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE is the hyper-kinetic, over-the-top lovechild of comics like Mark Millar's KICK-ASS and anime like DRAGON BALL.

Meet Luther. A teenage comic fan who sends away for one of those Charles Atlas-style get ripped routines -- and ends up finding himself transformed into a super predator.

He thinks he's becoming the world's first superhero -- but, instead, he's being groomed into a super-slasher. 
See, the guy who sends out the book telling Luther just how to get super buff and fight crime? He's an ancient entity who believes murder moves civilization forward, and whether it's Genghis Khan or Jack the Ripper, he's been gifting the dark arts of mass murder for generations. 
Now, Luther must do everything in his power to fight the monster he's becoming. 
This series smokes, Third Eye Faithful, and if you haven't read it yet -- we highly recommend snagging the graphic novel and checking it out this weekend! 

Also available at the signing this weekend, we've got the second graphic novel volume of THE LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE, as well as all the individual single issues (1-6) of the series. 

In this series, set 5 years after the events of STRANGE TALENT OF LUTHER STRODE, Luther has become an urban legend -- a vicious killer of crime, far and wide, big and small -- and as he finds his own humanity escaping him... it's going to be up to those closest to him to bring him back from the edge.

Get the LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE Phantom Variants (limited qtys available!) including issue #2 featuring Third Eye Steve getting KILLED by Strode!
In very limited amounts, we'll have the LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE Phantom Variants, which when connected together make one big, killer image of Luther Strode killing various comic industry types -- including your's truly, Third Eye Steve (as seen above).

Make sure you line up early -- so you can snag your's!

Get the LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE #1 Third Eye Variant!
We'll also have limited quantities available of our own LEGEND OF LUTHER STRODE #1 Third Eye Variant, featuring Luther's girlfriend Petra rocking the Luther mask and a Third Eye t-shirt. 

Again, much like the Phantoms, these were printed in lower quantities, and will be quick to go on Saturday, so make sure you pop by early to snag your's!

Start Justin Jordan's run of GREEN LANTERN NEW GUARDIANS with his first issue #21 this Saturday & get 'em signed!
While Justin is really known for his uber violent STRODE epics, he's also been making a name for himself at DC Comics with his work on books like Team 7, and most currently, Green Lantern: New Guardians, where he's been doing one heck of a job of building the mythology of the various Lantern Corps.

We'll have plenty of GL NEW GUARDIANS issues 21-25 (the most current) in stock to get you on board with his run, and for you to get signed by Justin this Saturday.

Another fantastic book that Justin has been working on for quite some time now has been Valiant's SHADOWMAN series, which delivers the kind of cutting edge superhero storytelling mixed with bizarre supernatural themes that make LUTHER STRODE so darn neat. 

In SHADOWMAN, Jordan weaves a tale set in New Orleans that pulls you in and doesn't let go. As the forces of darkness prepare to claim New Orleans as their own, Jack Boniface must embrace the legacy he was born to uphold.

As Shadowman, Jack is about to become the only thing that stands between his city and an army of unspeakable monstrosities from beyond the night. 

But, is the mantle of Shadowman a blessing or a curse? 

Snag the first graphic novel for only $9.99 -- or we've got issues 1-13 in stock now to get you up to date -- and to get signed by Justin this Saturday.

Third Eye Faithful, we've got a killer signing set up for you guys this Saturday, and we'd love to have you join us for this event! You know you guys are what makes us keep doing awesome stuff like this, and we'd love to turn you onto some of Justin's incredible work.

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