Monday, August 30, 2010

A reason to buy a sketch from SL Gallant at a Con

100_0369 GI Joes visit Shannon Gallant

At Baltimore Comic-Con my buddy Shannon Gallant gave me a sketch he did of "Real Leela," based on the Futurama character. You too can commission him to draw one of these (actually I asked for the Shadow, but he stayed busy all weekend doing G.I. Joe and other characters). Link is NQ SFW cheesecake.


SLGallant said...

You'll get your Shadow! Sheesh- I did the Leela before you even asked for that one. Never happy. You're not bite through my pencils like a rabid dog are you?

Mike Rhode said...

True, true, Leela did stick in my head since what... HeroesCon? And that was even before you did such an amazing job finishing the art. Why, you could be a professional!