Sunday, August 29, 2010

DC Comic Books Examiner at Baltimore Comic-Con

Mark Ruffin's being more productive at the Con than I am -

Mike Imboden has nothing against superheroes with an edgier side than the Silver Age costumed champions. On the other hand, he considers the comics industry has enough scape for that championing role-model with altruistic motives. Fist of Justice... Read more »

Stationed in Artist's Alley, two tables away of a directly opposite designation from an extensive line cued by Todd McFarlane as he signed comics, the talents behind Maryland-based Motorcycleboy consecutively drew crowds of their own. After some... Read more »

DC Comic Books Examiner, Mark Ruffin

Mark Ruffin, a freelance writer and story editor, recalls a first read of Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man #8 and a collection of comic books from that point. Following honorable service in the military, he has contributed and edited articles on subjects political, sports car related, and of murder mystery dinner games. Grouped with his enthusiasm for culinary arts and sports, he enjoys discussions on the various perspectives of the comics medium. Contact Mark here.


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