Friday, August 13, 2010

Bits from today's paper (and a note about yesterday's Non Sequiter)

Wire stories in today's free papers include:
Lemire, Christy / Associated Press.  2010.
'Scott Pilgrim' offers a high-energy movie mix.
Washington Examiner (August 13)
...while the Express runs a version of the Post's Ann Hornaday review and...
Fisher, Maria Sudekum / Associated Press.  2010.
Fun! Fearless! Farewell! 'Cathy' creator says she'll end the comic strip after 34 years.
[Washington Post] Express August 13): 32
...oddly enough, because the Post's Michael Cavna just ran a blog post on this.
Finally, of more interest, in the 8/12 Non Sequiter strip, Wiley made fun of the Danish Islam Cartoon controversy.

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