Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fantom Comics new store

Masteribid writes in

I was in Pentagon City Mall last night so I stopped in to Fantom Comics. They haven't gotten on the mall map yet. They're kind of out of the way so you're not likely to just stumble across their store. They're up on the top floor near Nordstroms and the Radio Shack. For such a small space they've done well with it. The walls are all glass so they've positioned their most popular selections (comics and graphic novels for kids)  where you can see them from up the hall. The inner walls are filled with graphic novels. They had several that I hadn't seen in other shops. Hidden behind the hallway viewable stuff is a small selection of back issues.

The whole place can be described as small, but well proportioned. It has a good selection despite its dimensions. They will not, however, be hosting Magic or D&D sessions.

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