Monday, October 12, 2009

Baltimore Comic Con photos continued - Cosplay

All photographs are by Claire.

100_8238 Hawkwoman

100_8269 The Joker
The Joker - an excellent version that reminded me of Marshall Rogers' art.

100_8268 Ghostbusters
The Ghostbusters posed with a family, and doesn't the one on the right really look like Dan Ackroyd?

100_8261 Rorscach, Nite Owl and Poison Ivy
Rorschach, Nite Owl and Poison Ivy - a teamup that Alan Moore will never want to see.

100_8237 Hawkwoman

100_8223 Scarlet Witch and White Queen
Scarlet Witch and the White Queen.

100_8224 Scarlet Witch, Bee, White Queen
Scarlet Witch, #21 henchman of the Monarch from the Venture Bros cartoon, and the White Queen.

Here's an article about the cosplay contest - "Comic book fans get in character: Baltimore Comic-Con's debut costume contest draws dozens of colorful entrants," By Tricia Bishop, Baltimore Sun October 12, 2009.

I'm sure Bruce Guthrie will have plenty of photographs on his website of the cosplayers (link towards the right - over there).


biglaydown said...

Another great Baltimore Comic-Con show! It was completely packed on Saturday. It looks like there were a lot more people in costumes on Sunday though.

Here's our gallery of costume photos:

Mike Rhode said...

Very cool, although I think the Baltimore Cop is a ringer. I personally am not into cosplay, but I appreciate the time and effort people put in and it really lightens up a con for the kids like my daughter.

dave said...

That is not a Bee, that is #21, henchman of the Monarch, from the Venture Bros cartoon . . . and quite a good costume too.

Mike Rhode said...

Thanks for the correction! I'll fix it now.