Sunday, October 18, 2009

Crumb features in Wash Post and NY Times

A book review - "An Artist Drew God & Saw That It Was Good," By Henry Allen, Washington Post Staff Writer, Sunday, October 18, 2009.

And an interview (you need to click through to the slide show) - "Sketching His Way Through Genesis," By ALLEN SALKIN, New York Times October 18, 2009.

Any readers bought this yet? I did not, under the assumption I was in no hurry to read it and it would be remaindered in a year. Did I err?


David Hagen said...

I'm not a religious person, but I bought this the day it was released and am about halfway through it (thanks to being in bed with the flu). It's truly remarkable! I do catch myself turning each page and expecting to see Mr. Natural.

SangorShop said...

Genesis is not an easy book to read, and even being profusely illustrated it is still not easy (although I could skip the words to speed the process up). it's hard to know what would be remaindered quickly,
I would more likely think it would sell out the first printing (if not extremely overprinted) - and if it went into a second printing, then remaindered in about 5 years. I would suspect if a second printing or moderate overprinting, then used copies (bought by the curious) would make the marketplace lower - in say 6-7 years.

Mike Rhode said...

I went ahead and ordered it on Amazon when I was buying some other books and noticed that it was almost 1/2 price. It hasn't arrived yet though.