Wednesday, March 04, 2009

New Batman book written by local DC guy Kronenberg

In "HOLY INFO! EURY & KRONENBERG BATMAN COMPANION," by Jennifer M. Contino, Comicon's The Pulse February 24 2009, the interview with the two writers ends with "MICHAEL KRONENBERG: I’m primarily a graphic designer. I just wrapped up the designs for Batcave Companion and Hopalong Cassiday: An American Legend for Russ Cochran. I’m currently designing Grailpages: Original Comic Art and the Collectors for TwoMorrows publishing. I’m also the ongoing designer for the EC Archives, Twomorrows’ Rough Stuff magazine, and I’m Michael’s cover designer for Back Issue. Like Michael, I do have a day job; I’m the art director for a large environmental firm in Washington, DC." Another unsuspected local comics laborer revealed! Check out the whole interview for more details on the book - I like most of TwoMorrows productions because they're so obviously labors of love.

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