Sunday, October 26, 2008

Art of Political Cartooning in an Election Year photographs

The event at the Writer's Center was a lot of fun. KAL showed print cartoons of the last few presidential elections and then demonstrated several of his projects including Democrazy and his live poltical animation. Richard followed his with drawing caricatures - he marveled that people think it's 'magic' that he can draw a recognizable face, but then again so do I. Matt wrapped up and talked about doing political cartoons for Politico. Links to the websites of all three can be found on the right.

All the pictures I shot can be seen on my flickr site, but here's a few. You can also download an audio recording of indifferent quality.

Richard Thompson caricaturing Sarah Palin. Lipstick courtesy of KAL.

Matt Wuerker showing his Politico home page.

KAL's cartoon journalism on attending a presidential convention.


kevin said...

I really enjoy the pictures you take at the various comics events you attend. Thanks for sharing them!

Mike Rhode said...

Thanks! Glad to share them.