Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Publishers Weekly and others on SPX

"SPX Shines Despite Down Economy," By Heidi MacDonald, Laura Hudson and Van Jensen, PW Comics Week October 7, 2008. Somehow they missed the 5:30 Sunday interview with Richard Thompson in which he announced his plan to save the American economy. Here's a link to my pictures again.

Dirk Deppey at Journalista linked to some blogs so I'll steal the ones that I can relate to.

Brian Heater -whom I had hoped to see and thank for his Harvey Pekar interview permission. Brian runs some excellent interviews every month.

Chris Mautner - my old Comix@ friend has some great photos. Sorry to hear about the head cold though.

Ben Towle
- another friend of mine. His book Midnight Sun is one of my favorites of the year, telling the story of a zeppelin lost in the Arctic. We only talked briefly, but Ben's got an interesting financial breakdown of his profits/losses from Heroes Con and SPX, the two shows I've seen him at this year.

Mike Lynch - I met Mike for the first time this weekend, but he's got a great blog I've been following.

Dustin Harbin - Dustin invited Richard Thompson to HeroesCon, so as his driver, I tagged along. Dustin turned out to be an absolute sweetheart. I bought his new mini and his poster of 26 cartoonists that he met and liked.

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