Friday, September 21, 2007

Trying to find Richard Relkin, publisher of Comics Culture

I want to reprint a Harvey Pekar interview he did in the 1990s. In 1995, he was in Lexington, KY. Anyone know of him?


SilverWolf said...

No, what did he write, illustrate, or whatever?

Mike Rhode said...

Well, he published Comics Culture, a semi-pro magazine, and did interviews.

GREE said...

Richard's a good friend of mine. Were you able to get in touch with him yet?

Mike Rhode said...

No, the letter to the last address I or Michigan State had came back unopened. So I'd like to hear from him to make sure he's ok with reprinting his Pekar interview.


rich said...

Hi Mike,
I'd love to see the interview in the blogosphere. Do you have the transcription?
I can be reached at

Unknown said...

Hi There
I was going through my collection of comics and came across the Comic Culture newspaper. Volume 1, Issue5, national edition. April 1994. I see that some are talking about interviews; in this paper I have an interview with Louise Simonson. Was this 1 of the interviews done by Richard Relkin himself?
Thank You

Mike Rhode said...

Paula, I imagine it was done by him. I think it was largely a one man show.

Unknown said...

Hi Mike
Thank u, thats what I also thought.