Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sept 7: Junot Diaz booksigning in Bailey's Crossroads

According to an article in today's Express, Junot Diaz is signing his novel Oscar Wao on Friday. Why should we care? Because Diaz actually quotes Galactus in it. He's at the Bailey's Crossroads Borders at the intersection of Columbia Pike and Route 7 at 7:30 pm. Call 703-998-0404 for more info.

And here's an interview with him - 'An Interview with Junot Diaz' by John Zuarino, Bookslut September 2007


richardcthompson said...

Galactus is the new Mark Twain. And after him, Modok gets to be the new Mark Twain. Or Matter-Eater Lad, I forget which one.

Celia said...

Check out an exclusive interview with Junot Diaz about his life before becoming a successful writer in Slice, a new literary magazine, which is available now.