Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Washington Examiner dropping comics followup

Today the Examiner ran the letter on the left. I'd call it disingenous since the Pooch Cafe website shows no signs of the strip being discontinued, and it ran today in the Post's free Express paper. And of the strips the Examiner ran, it duplicated Over the Hedge in Overboard's space.

Also in today's Examiner is Brian Truitt's New Comic Book Releases column which I always enjoy.


Anonymous said...

The editor in chief Vivienne Sosnowski doesn't believe the desired demographic (rich whites (really, they just ran a series of meetings to hammer this home to the staff)) are not interested in comics.

Mike Rhode said...

Thanks for the info, but are you saying that she BELIEVES the desired rich white demographic is not interested in comics? Perhaps an arguable point, although the success of Satrapi, Ware and Spiegelman would probably argue against that, as would the inclusion of comics in the New York Times magazine. Wouldn't it be nice if the Examiner, instead of including 45 year old Spider-Man stories on Saturday had a full-color page by ... let's pick someone local... Ann Telnaes?

Anonymous said...

Snowskis is a moron. Pooch Cafe is the best strip of the 21st Century

Anonymous said...

Speaking from experience:

Mike, if there was as much logical thought put into that newspaper as was put into your post, we wouldn't be having this discussion. I'm sure the rich white demographic hates comics as much as it loves overly sensationalized, ultimately meaningless 300-word stories.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike, and others who support Pooch Cafe. This is Paul Gilligan here. It is with no small amount of surprise that I have been informed of my comic strip's death by the editor of the Washington Examiner. I can assure you with all certainty that this diagnosis is greatly exaggerated. Poncho and all his pals are alive and well and continuing to make the world unsafe for cats. I’m very disappointed to learn of it’s removal from the Washington paper (which I have only just discovered this moment), and I appreciate the letter of support you wrote in response to this reckless action. Their claim that the strip is no longer available is designed I can only imagine to curtail any further outpouring of rage from the masses. Those fascists! Please feel free to lodge outrage at being lied and condescended to by this misguided editor, and to instigate any letter-writing campaign to champion Pooch CafĂ©’s reinstatement that you might see fit to spearhead. Rewards, both intangible and tangible, shall be yours.

Sic Semper Tyrannis!


Mike Rhode said...

Paul, thanks for writing in. I'm afraid I can't take credit for writing the letter, just for posting it here which isn't much. ;^)

I do enjoy Pooch Cafe and fortunately, it runs in the other free daily paper, the Washington Post's Express so I've been continuing to follow it. Keep up the good work!