Saturday, December 28, 2019

Percy Crosby's daughter, and defender, Joan Tibbetts has died

Today's Washington Post has a very minor obituary for Joan Tibbetts, a local woman who fiercely defended the reputation of her father Percy Crosby, and his strip Skippy.

Joan Tibbetts,  estate administrator

Washington Post December 28 2019

I think everyone who wrote about comics in the DC area was probably contacted at one time or another by Mrs. Tibbetts. I certainly was. Her father's creation is probably best recalled now as an inspiration for Peanuts, but it was very popular in the 1920s and he was a millionaire from it. The Post obituary links to a 1979 article on the trip and her father.

Cartoonist's Daughter Hopes Dad's 'Skippy' Will Be Born Again

Washington Post March 15, 1979

In spite of, or because of Mrs. Tibbetts (it's hard to say which), Skippy never returned to public view except in a series of 4 books that were only part of a projected larger reprint project.

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