Friday, December 13, 2019

Flugennock's Latest'n'Greatest: "Ceci n'est pas une banane"

DC's anarchist cartoonist Mike Flugennock on impeachment

"Ceci n'est pas une banane"

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley, in a Los Angeles Times op-ed this week, gave us one of the most succinct and elegant analyses of the ongoing impeachment circus I've seen so far:

"Frankly, when I look at this impeachment, I see a banana taped to a wall. As others coo over the power and evidence in the report, I continue to look around scratching my head, wondering why others don't see the obvious gaps and conflicts." —Jonathan Turley on Twitter, 12.09.19

The Democrats have just voted to hand Trump horrific surveillance powers by reauthorizing the Patriot Act, and given him a $738bn war budget (including his Space Force), but he's still a Russian stooge and a threat to Democracy™, so let's impeach his ass anyway.

Christ, who the hell are they kidding?


"Opinion: The Trump hearings haven't connected the dots. Impeachment articles are premature" Jonathan Turley in the Los Angeles Times, 12.09.19

"'Atrocious': 188 Democrats Join GOP to Hand Trump $738 Billion Military Budget That Includes 'Space Force'", CommonDreams 12.12.19

"Handing Trump 'Terrifying Authoritarian Surveillance Powers,' House
Democrats Include Patriot Act Reauthorization in Funding Bill",  CommonDreams 11.19.19

Rene Magritte, "The Treachery Of Images (This Is Not A Pipe)", 1929

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