Thursday, November 21, 2019

P.S. Magazine ended as printed comic in 2017, ends as digital comic book in 2019

by Mike Rhode

While looking for information on military educational comic books, I went to a couple of websites for the P.S. Magazine, the Will Eisner-created longtime Army preventive maintenance publication.

"A World War II publication, Army Motors, which used a few cartoon characters to discuss maintenance problems, became the model for a new publication. In June 1951, the first issue of PS Magazine was published using the cartoon format. The Army technical bulletin transitioned to an all-digital format in June 2017, publishing its 775th edition -- the last to run in print."

The Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS) says that the electronic issue version will end this month with #804:

" Effective 1 Nov 2019, PS will cease publication of its monthly, illustrated magazine and move to a fully-online information resource. To read PS Magazine after 1 Nov 2019, visit A quarterly compilation of articles appearing on its website will be made available on DVIDS."

Currently issues from 1999-2019 can be downloaded at the magazine's site at

Historical issues from 1951-2018 can be downloaded here.

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Mike Lynch said...

Wow. This is really bad news. I think it's a mistake. Comics really do a great job of instruction. I figure it's a cost-cutting move, and a "times change" kinda thing. P*S was such a vital tool for instruction -- and such a pantheon of comics great contributed to it. Sad news, but a good run.