Monday, March 04, 2019

Local comic shops in 1979

Dan Gearino has posted a list created by Murray Bishoff  of comic shops in 1979. The list is definitely not complete because it doesn't have the shop I was going to in the Bergen Mall in Paramus, NJ at the time, but it does show a lot of shops around Washington, although none in the city itself.

Here are some clips showing the local shops, only one of which still exists, I think. The Maryland list shows  Barbarian Book Shop, now Barbarian Comics, which is still roughly at the same location.  UPDATE: It's beyond our coverage area, but Randy commented that Zeno's Books is still in business too, and on their Facebook page, they say "40 years of serving Tidewater Virginia’s oldest Comic Book Store."


Randy said...

I think Zeno's Books is still a going concern too!

Jack_Acid said...

Comics Kingdom has moved several times and is now called Amazing Spiral. It's under new ownership as of a month ago. This has been my shop, I had no idea of its pedigree. Nostalgia in Richmond VA is still around last I was there, about three years ago. I'm suprised not to see Alternate Worlds in Baltimore, which I had thought was open in 78 or 79