Monday, May 22, 2017

Steve Conley on Tall Tale Radio

Artist and writer Steve Conley of the comic "The Middle Age" joins me to talk about his most excellent and varied career in comics and multimedia design! Steve has had several successful independent comics in the past, like "Astounding Space Thrills" that ran for 15 issues and was compiled by IDW in a 10-year anniversary edition back in 2008.

Here in Part 1 of this epic interview, we talk about his early career and the path through indie comics that he's taken, and get into the creation of the 2017 Eisner Award nominated comic, "The Middle Age"  which you can get a copy of right here!

Steve Conley talks about how he uses the iPad Pro almost exclusively for his 2017 Eisner Award nominated comic "The Middle Age," and how it's changed how he approaches his art.  Then we go into more detail about his long history with comic conventions, notably his time as the Executive Director of SPX and his involvement with the excellent  Baltimore Comic Con!

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