Tuesday, May 30, 2017

NPR: "Kids Craft Comics To Explore Immigration Fears"

 Ray Padgett of Shore Fire Media sends in:

"I feel sad, angry, and not cheerful. I would not like it in Mexico because I don't speak Spanish."

A nine-year old girl said that in the recent after-school class "Illustrated Migration Stories," where Latino kids create comics based on their personal immigration history and fears. NPR visited the class to tell the children's stories in a powerful video:


"One thing that's been really nice about it is the kids talking about how they can sleep better," instructor Nora Litz says in the video. "They're not so worried like they were in the beginning."

"Illustrated Migration Stories" is only one of many writing classes Mighty Writers puts on for children. Their summer offerings include classes on girl power, political protest, sports and hip-hop, poetry, web design, cinema, and much more.

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