Sunday, February 05, 2017

Highlight's from today's Wash Post

More 'alternative facts' that explain the Trump administration [in print as

More 'alternative facts'].

Facts all come with a point of view.

Washington Post February 5 2017, p. B2.
online at

From Bechdel to Chekhov, literary stars inspire this spring's D.C. theater choices [in print as At National, 'Fun Home' confronts family secrets].

Washington Post February 5 2017 p. E6
online at

Starting with 'she-ro' Wonder Woman, spring's movies look encouraging for exhilarating female roles [in print as All the world's been waiting for her].

Washington Post February 5 2017 p. E16
online at

John Lewis's 'March' becomes nonfiction bestseller in the wake of New York Times list shakeup

Washington Post Comic Riffs blog February 3 2016

and for the heck of it, Cathy of 'Cathy' has an editorial in the NY Times:

The Women's March in My Living Room

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