Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A couple of quotes on the Herblock Award, from moi

Here's a quote I submitted when helping to choose Mark Fiore to select the Herblock award. It's at along with the 15 cartoon videos he sent in.

From Mike Rhode: for Fiore –

Mark Fiore, who practices editorial cartooning through animation, quickly rose to the top of the list for me, but he started as a dark horse. Animated editorial cartooning is young compared to traditional pen & ink drawings in the newspaper, but Fiore is among the first masters of the field. His cartoons covered a range of topics from deeply obscure but important mining law to the constant gun violence warping American society. It was a pleasure to be able to select him for this ground-breaking expansion of the Herblock award.

And here's my quote for Ruben Bolling as the runner-up for the Herblock award - it's at

From Mike Rhode: for Bolling –

Ruben Bolling's Tom the Dancing Bug has been a consistently excellent strip usually run in alternative newspapers and thus visible to fewer readers. This year Bolling submitted excellent, tight and hard-hitting cartoons on a variety of liberal topics.

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