Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weingarten and Shansby on Kojo Nnamdi show NOW

Gene Weingarten & Eric Shansby on Comedy and Collaboration

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    Gene Weingarten and Eric Shansby collaborated on the new children's book "Me and Dog," which was released Sept. 16.

    Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

    Each week, Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten and illustrator Eric Shansby team up to create the often hilarious "Below the Beltway" column that runs in newspapers across the country. Now the duo unleashes their humor and wisdom on young readers with a children's book, "Me & Dog." We talk with the pair about the dynamics of their collaboration, the questions of faith they raise in the book and the importance of knowing your audience.


    Gene Weingarten

    author, 'Me & Dog'; columnist, 'Below the Beltway; staff writer, The Washington Post; cartoonist, "Barney & Clyde";

    Eric Shansby

    cartoonist and illustrator, 'Below the Beltway' 'Me & Dog'

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