Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Before I get too busy...Baltimore Comic-Con!

I don't frequently post here, and most of the PR released by the Baltimore Comic-Con comes from my nimble-but-overused fingertips (so Mr. Rhode is privy to them and reposts as he sees fit), but I seem to have a brief lull here before the show this weekend and figured, before the rest of the week sweeps me completely away, I would post a couple of worthwhile tidbits:

VERY IMPORTANT: Our Tickets page enables you to get into the show on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or the whole weekend, and with a VIP Pass, to the Friday All-Star Reception, or to the Harvey Awards Banquet. THIS ABILITY WILL GO AWAY SHORTLY! If you have not bought tickets yet and need to do so, please act now, as you will otherwise find yourselves in additional lines to buy tickets at the box office before getting in line to get into the Hall! We have to end online ticket sales in advance of the show so as to be able to have physical copies of the purchaser list for our line-walkers to review as necessary when exchanging tickets for wristbands!

The website, www.baltimorecomiccon.com, is updated as frequently as we have opportunity to do so leading up to the show (and then once the Friday morning kicks in, all bets are off!). You can generally find the latest news on guest announcements and updates, exhibitors, retailers, and Artists Alley guests. They are somewhat dynamic (last minute cancellations, last minute additions, if you can believe it!), so it's worth taking a peek every now and again!

Additionally, you can find useful links to the Exhibit Hall map, Programming, and a soft-copy of the 2014 Program Guide.

ALSO VERY IMPORTANT: If you have been to the show and expect it to be in the same location again this year, you will be redirected by staff members! We are a few blocks west, closer to Camden Yards, and you can see directions on the website for details. Staying overnight? Take advantage of the hotel and travel discounts we have coordinated with partners.

Finally, come out and have fun! We have comics creators from rising stars to superstars to TV and movie stars. We have a costume contest to see or participate in, featuring a $2,000 grand prize, and our cosplayers come dressed to the nines -- as someone who doesn't really pay attention to that aspect of the show, some of the costumes I've seen over the past couple of years have blown me away! Truly impressive! We have an exclusive Yearbook, featuring Matt Wagner's Grendel this year, and some bonus prints available to buyers who go through and complete an autograph quest, which is a lot of fun. You have a vast selection of items for sale, including comics, clothing, collectibles, toys, action figures, graphic novels, trade paperbacks, manga, cosplay accessories, and more more more! Seriously, bring some money because you'll undoubtedly find something cool (and we've got ATMs on the floor this year in case you run out!). Numerous publishers, big and small, are bringing exclusive comics, including Dynamite Entertainment, Valiant, BOOM! Studios, Advent Comics, and more. And we not only reserved a larger footprint this year, we had to expand it into yet another hall because we were oversold way in advance of the show!

Familiarize yourself with our Harassment Policy, hit the road to Baltimore, and come have a great time this coming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

I'll See You In Baltimore!

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