Friday, September 05, 2014

Baltimore Comic-Con's new day 1 - Friday

Don Rosa did a sketch for Team Cul de Sac fundraising.
I was able to take the day off and head up to Baltimore Comic-Con with editorial cartoonist Steve Artley riding shotgun.

The space is bigger than last years, and in the building closer to Camden Yards. It throws one off a bit as it's really downstairs, ticket sales are upstairs, and the arrangement isn't the same. You'll find big name cartoonists on both edges with dealers in the middle and artists alley flanking to the right, furthest from the entrance.

The show on Friday was slow, but pleasant as one could walk right up to cartoonists. I ran into organizer Marc Nathan who told me they pre-sold 13x as many tickets for Saturday as they did for today. So expect a crowd tomorrow.

As usual, I had a great time. This is a good show - still small enough to enjoy, but with plenty of dealers and guests. I'm worn out from day 1. 

More photos on Flickr.

Shannon Gallant was already looking to a higher power by Friday evening.

The Mighty Fred Hembeck!

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artleytoons said...

Outstanding show. Great time hanging with Rhode. An above-and-beyond the call of duty by Joe Sutliff on the 'Drink & Draw" fundraiser to benefit the MJF Foundation. A special thanks to Randy Tischler for the pass.