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Some nice "inside comics" information about sales figures included in here.

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January 15th, 2013
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Spidey tops 1.6 million!
Sup spidey  
 Marvel sold over $1.6 million retail worth ofAmazing Spider-Man #700 to comic stores in December, the top dollar comic in recent memory.  Sell-in of over 200,000 copies was supported by an extensive variant program, including numerous "exceed orders," 1:200, and 1:700 variants, and at a $7.99 retail price, the dollars piled up fast.  Extensive publicity about the storyline helped make this a major event book.  The lead-in book, #699, appears to have unfilled demand; #698 sold more than #699 (both #698 and #699 have second printings already released).
Marvel also had a big hit with Avengers #1 at over 186,000 copies, but the scale of the dollars wasn't even close, with less than half the dollars of the #1 book.
The books in DC's "Death of a Family" event were up and down:Batman, for example, was down around 5%, but all of the tie-in titles saw some pretty substantial bumps-- Detective Comics #15 (+31,835), Batman and Robin (+14,335), Batgirl #15 (+2127),Nightwing #15 (+23,687), Teen Titans #15 (+28,962), and Red Hood and the Outlaws #15 (+26,393).  Also of note, DC's Justice League (Part 1 of the "Throne of Atlantis" storyline crossing over with Aquaman) saw an uptick of 2% while Aquaman #15 saw orders increase over 30%.
The Walking Dead Vol. 1 mustered nearly 10,000 sales out of the direct market in December, with gifts of the first volume a great sign for the future of the franchise.




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New Comic Book titles this week 1-15-13


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savage w  
Savage Wolverine #1 





All New X-Men #6

Ame Comi Girls (Featuring Power Girl) #4

Archer & Armstrong #6

Avengers Assemble #11

Avenging Spider-Man #16

Batgirl #16

Batman #16

Batman And Robin #16

Batman: Arkham Unhinged #10

Billy Kids Oddities & Orm Loch Ness #4 (L)

Bionic Man (Kevin Smith) #15

Bionic Man Vs Bionic Woman #1

Black Beetle: No Way Out #1

Black Kiss II #6 (L)

Bloodshot #7

Caligula Heart Of Rome #2

Captain America #3

Captain Marvel #9

Comeback #3

Conan The Barbarian #12

Creator Owned Heroes #8

Crossed Badlands #21

Crow: Skinning The Wolves #2

Daredevil #22

Dark Avengers #185

Dark Shadows #12

Deathstroke #16

Demon Knights #16

Elephantmen #45

Ex Sanguine #4

Executive Assistant Assassins #7

Fashion Beast #5

Ferals #12

Fly Vol II #4

Frankenstein: Agent Of Shade #16 (L)

Freelancers #3

G.I. Joe Vol 2 #21

Garth Ennis Jennifer Blood #21 (Mr)

Green Hornet: Year One Special #1

Grifter #16 (L)

Grimm Fairy Tales #81

High Ways #1

Indestructible Hulk #3

Insurgent #1

Legion Lost #16 (L)

Li'l Depressed Boy #15

Lord Of The Jungle #11

Mars Attacks Real Ghostbusters 1-Shot

New Avengers #2

Pathfinder #4

Peter Cannon Thunderbolt #5

Punisher Nightmare #3

Ravagers #8

Saga #7 2nd Ptg

Saga #9

Savage Wolverine #1

Stitched #11

Suicide Squad #16

Superboy #16

Team 7 #4

Thor (Marvel Movie) Adaptation #1

Threshold #1

Todd, The Ugliest Kid On Earth #1

Ultimate Comics Iron Man #4 (L)

Venom #30

Warlord Of Mars: Dejah Thoris #21

Wolverine Max #3

X-Factor #250

X-Men #40







Green Lantern The Animated Series #10

Marvel Super Heroes Magazine #6

Simpsons Comics #198






Captain America By Brubaker HC Vol 4

Fables TP Vol 18: Cubs In Toyland



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Heroclix at Game On! Comics Saturday, January 19th, at 4 p,m, Gang Warfare! Build a 500 point Modern Age force with representation from the Batman and/or Streets of Gotham sets, bring your best Mastermind/Minions team (Batman and Batman Family, Joker and Joker Henchmen, et al). No Colossals, no Feats or BFC's; Vehicles are okay, special objects are okay including the Infinity Gauntlet and Utility Belt.
Each week adds cumulative points for another territory, Join your Gang and compete to claim it!
Lord of the Rings/Hobbit, Gears of War, and HALO figures can be used for this event but without the special rules that accompany them. Prize support from other venues which has not been given out yet at Game On! Comics is not eligible for play. For our venue, Modern Age is defined as anything from the Secret Invasion set forwards unless otherwise specified. Using Unicorns, Polar Bears, or Dinosaurs as objects is not required but is encouraged. 


Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and Fellowship!




Congrats to last weeks winners: 


1st: Mike H.

2nd: Francisco and Alex A.

Fellowship: George


Batman Gang won the day!! Yeah!!



 Comic Review

 Black Beetle #1



black beetle  




The Black Beetle is a comic book character created by Eisner Award-winning artist Francesco Francavilla.  The character has been appearing on Francavilla's blog and in the anthology series,Dark Horse Presents.  The Black Beetle has more than a passing resemblance to DC Comics' Batman because they share conceptual DNA.


The Black Beetle blends the aesthetics of pulp fiction, mystery, noir, and the superhero.  The character is not only part superhero, but he is also a costumed vigilante and weird detective in the vein of such classic pulp heroes as The Shadow and The Spider, with some of Zorro and Sherlock Holmes thrown into the mix.  Black Beetle is a super-heroic sleuth, and his base of operation isColt City, a classic pulp and noir-type urban landscape.  Black Beetle debuts in his own comic book series, entitled The Black Beetle.


As The Black Beetle #1 begins, the Black Beetle is about to make himself an uninvited guest in a meeting of two crime families, the Galazzos and the Fierros.  In this summit, which will determine the future of Colt City's criminal empire, Black Beetle sees an opportunity to take out two major crime bosses, Don Pasquale Galazzo and Joe Fierro.  When the hero makes his move at Spencer's, the neutral sight where this crime conference is being held, he discovers that he is not the only hunter.


The Black Beetle: No Way Out #1 is clean comic book storytelling.  This is classic, two-fisted, masked-man comic book action.  It's gritty and pure, lacking in pretension or the goal to be the soap opera version of character drama that most superhero comic books offer.  This is the kind of pulpy mayhem that first made me fall in love with comic books.


I don't think that I can adequately describe just how gorgeous Francesco Francavilla's art is.  Some of the pages use a standard comic book page layout, but most of them are more imaginative and inventive.  Some pages resemble movie posters and movie theatre lobby cards; others are similar to narrative paintings.  Some pages are designed as splash pages, but with details and assorted art embedded on them.


The Black Beetle is pure pop comics.  Between the new Stars Wars series and The Black Beetle, Dark Horse Comics is doing their own version of Marvel NOW and The New 52.  Dark Horse is just doing a better job of making classic seem so fresh.





Review by Leroy Douresseaux

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