Sunday, January 27, 2013

OT: Matt Wagner and the Shadow

I'm posting this article because Matt's experiences eerily parallel mine - the 1970's DC Comic, buying back issues (Archie's abysmal Radio Comics series in my case), the LP records (bought at a used book/record store in Bergenfield, NJ), the Steranko-covered Pyramid novels (bought at the Garden State Plaza before its steroidal growth)....

Straight from the Source: Matt Wagner Casts Light on The Shadow: Year One
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Unlike Matt, I didn't become a comic book creator though. And he's absolutely spot-on when he says "The process of collecting comics used to involve a certain sense of mystery that's missing from today's fandom, where a quick internet search can hook you up with pretty much anything your budget can afford."  Late last year I decided to read the 1960s Belmont novels which set the Shadow in then-present day. After 30 years of looking for them and finding 3 or 4 in used bookstores, I completed my set in a few minutes on the internet.

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