Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bill Day's 'Fund a political cartoonist for a year' needs you

As I've noted, Bill won the Washington-based Robert Kennedy Journalism award a couple of years back, and I've contributed to this campaign.

  • Our fundraising campaign to pay a salary to brilliant, unemployed cartoonist Bill Day is now in its final stretch. With only 16 days left in our campaign, we really need your help to get to the goal of a $35,000 for Bill, to keep him drawing cartoons and avoid foreclosure on his house! Bill is an important cartoonist, we can't afford to lose him! Please help!

    Bill filmed a short video of his own, where he talked a bit about the history of political cartoons and their importance in the growth of our society. It would be a shame to lose Bill's unique voice in our increasing homogenized media environment.

    I've been struck by some of the heartwarming comments posted by people who have already donated to Bill's campaign. "Bill Day is a brilliant political voice and I hope others will join in to keep that voice heard," a donor named Gerald wrote.

    Another donor named Jean commented, "Support Bill Day – he is a national treasure! He helps us see into the heart of things in a way no one else does." I couldn't agree more.

    For everyone that already donated – thank you! Please share this campaign again with your friends, co-workers, enemies – anyone you can think of!

    Not only would you be helping to keep our dwindling profession alive, there are some really great perks still available for donors – everything from signed prints of Bill's work to an actual original piece of Bill Day artwork, suitable for framing.

    And thank you all for your generosity and commitment to political cartoons!

    - Daryl

    (Video attached: We still have $5,000 to go to save Bill Day! )

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