Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brad Meltzer's Decoded on TV tonight

From: Brad Meltzer (former DC-area comic book writer)

Just wanted to let you know that tonight is our big 2-hour Decoded special (filled with details of how the government is actually preparing for the end of the world (along with others who are a little too attached to their underground bunkers). In honor of it -- and to say thanks for watching -- here's the very first look at our new website:

And yes, you can see the new tour dates for the upcoming tour there...and read the first chapter of The Fifth Assassin, which comes out January 15th.

Oh, and the special tonight isn't called "Decoded."  It's called "2012: The End is Now." (9pm/8c on History).  So you have to reset your DVR if you want it to record.  Do know, though, if the world ends Friday, DVR-ing is pointless.

Thanks to all who have supported Decoded from the start.  No word on if we get season 3 yet, so hope the ratings are good tonight.  :)

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